Kennel Gardening

Kennel gardening IS possible!

Kennels and gardening are not ( contrary to popular belief!) mutually exclusive. Given that most of us spend so many of our waking hours with our dogs, why not  pretty the place up? Prospective puppy people should find our  kennels clean, attractive,  fresh smelling, calm and homey – in direct contrast to pet stores and mills.  One part of that might ( during the summer months) include flowers, shrubs – maybe a small gurgling fountain. Any of us who have tried to combine dogs and gardening know that staying above the dreaded leg lifting zone ( forget all those other planting zones!) is key. Here are some ideas I’ve used.

Above the pee and chew zone!

I’d love photos and descriptions of ways you’ve all personalized your kennels, dog rooms and yards – maybe to include in a future article. It’s these kinds of touches that set us apart as human and approachable to clients looking to add a pup to the family.Have fun gardening – just don’t let the dogs help TOO much!

6 thoughts on “Kennel Gardening

  1. I’m very interested in keeping up with your blog, Alison. I really would love a purebred Aussie, but I feel really guilty about wanting one. I’m a volunteer at the local SPCA and I have to wait until May 2012 to get a dog, but in the meantime, I’m wavering back and forth about what the right thing is. Thanks for your insights; I look forward to reading.

    • Abby, Glad to have you as part of the conversation. Ultimately you and the right dog will find each other. Doing your due diligence can only help. I’d be really interested in your thoughts and questions as you navigate this process. If you’d like to contact me privately to hash out options at some point, i’d be happy to help. Keep us updated!

  2. Thank you for the ideas and tips. We are in the process of purchasing a 10′ x 10′ dog kennel for our backyard/garden and after over 20 years of landscaping the property, the big question is how to keep the kennel from being a hundred square foot eyesore.

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