Comic Relief

I read this a year or so ago for the first time, but I couldn’t resist reposting this Hyperbole and a Half post. It is just TOO funny…enjoy! Here’s an excerpt:

“A lingering fear of mine was confirmed last night:  My dog might be slightly retarded…This dog is uncoordinated in a way that would suggest her canine lineage is tainted with traces of a species with a different number of legs – like maybe a starfish or some sort of primitive snake. ”

Read on for a good laugh!

And here’s another one about moving ( also from Hyperbole and a Half). Love “the simple dog” thought process.

5 thoughts on “Comic Relief

  1. Awww, that was a sweet, funny story. I can so relate with my Ellie. She can do stairs, but would not pass a lot of the IQ tests. She might learn a behavior… but very slowly. She has very little retention. There are a few behaviors she knows (after almost 8 years of daily routine), but house training is not one of them… Mostly we just live with her and love her anyway.

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