Paradox PhurBaby

Paradox PhurBaby

perfect for the back of my Mini!

Sorry – Just couldn’t resist. Seemed after all my kvetching about the Fur-baby thing, maybe I just needed to get with the program. I try to be open-minded…:). Otter looks positively enchanted with our new kennel enrichment/puppy socialization scheme…

Winter Parka for Aspen vacation...

5 thoughts on “Paradox PhurBaby

  1. oddly enough we made our mini dachshund her first sweater from Esmes old sweater just last night….she hates to go out from her warm bed for a pee in the morning….so today on Thanksgiving she can be thankfull for her cashmere (no less!) argyle sweater!

    • Too funny! Love the dress – maybe a shot of her herding goats in it would underscore the absurdity. Thanks for sharing. Oh God, I think I may secretly be enjoying this furbaby thing too much!

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