15,000 Puppy Owners Didn’t Find Us…

Commercial dog breeders from Amish community speak out at Elkhart County Plan Commission.

This is a pretty routine article about commercial, large scale breeders but I post it here because the last bit caught my eye…

In Elkhart County there are at least thirty commercial breeders that are registered with the U.S.D.A. By state law a commercial breeder is a person with at least 20 unaltered female dogs, who sells at least 500 dogs a year. Commercial breeders are required to register with Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

My math puts that at 15,000 puppy buyers that weren’t served by small scale hobby breeders. The desire is apparantly out there. Ethical, hobby breeders must be more accessible to those looking for a puppy. Networks of local, qualified breeders, visible in their communities would provide buyers not just with a new puppy, but also with education, support and a safety net should that pup ever need to be re-homed. We must take pride in our roles as the go-to source for pups. Preventative rescue…

5 thoughts on “15,000 Puppy Owners Didn’t Find Us…

  1. I have been thinking on this a lot of course, and I think it is 15,000 we didn’t sell to but I am betting a few thousand of them chose the route they did BECAUSE they wouldn’t be screened also; I and others I know do turn away a number of inquirers for every litter due to their apparent unsuitability for an Aussie puppy. I have no doubt most of them still get their Aussie, just not here. Not much answer for that but I am sure there will always be a market for the market breeders regardless of the education and increase in availability. HOWEVER I still of course completely agree about needing to be the first and best place for people to look for their good dogs.

  2. Clearly, there are unsuitable homes in those ranks, but the numbers ( just in that county!) are high enough that I know we could be a big piece of making a difference. Even if just in terms of education and support…

  3. And how many of those 15,000 actually go into homes and are not killed by the Amish and Mennonite ‘breeders’ when they are no longer of use? Or don’t sell at the auctions? Granted I’m sure most of them do, but ????

    • The way i read it, that was the approximate number actually sold. I’m not saying all high volume breeders are miserable, evil people, but I stick by my belief that dogs are best raised in moderate numbers, with functional attachment and social lives, exercise and stimulation.

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